Ynyslas, Ceredigion - Pages of the Sea

Ynyslas, Ceredigion


On the day: Activities took place throughout the afternoon, click here for more information.

Visitors helped create stencilled artworks on the day, contributed to an open mic session to remember those that served in the first world war, and created their own activity to represent their community group or steward on the beach.


The portrait revealed on this beach was:

Richard Davies

Age: 54

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Richard Davies (29 December 1863 – 25 March 1917)

Richard Davies was born in Borth, Cardiganshire/Ceredigion, near Yynyslas beach, and in 1888 married Mary. Three years later, they had their first son, Richard, at which time Richard senior was serving on the Nant Franeon, based at Saithaclwyd, Flintshire. Later his family home was recorded as Borth, at Wern Fach, then Wesleyan Place. In total, Richard and Mary had four sons and two daughters.

By 1917, Richard was a deck hand on the naval trawler Evangel, as a member of the Royal Naval Reserve, the fleet’s volunteer force of civilian sailors. Evangel was one of many civilian ships acquired for military use as part of the Auxiliary Patrol, with tasks including minesweeping and anti-submarine operations. She was sunk off Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, struck by a mine laid by a German U-boat. Richard was among 15 men from the Evangel to die at sea.