Brancaster, Norfolk - Pages of the Sea

Brancaster, Norfolk


On the day: Visitors were invited to view the sand portait take shape and were involved in creating artwork in the sand using stencils of portraits at the beach. Later in the day Carol Ann Duffy’s poem was read out.

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The portrait revealed on this beach was:

Stephen Hewitt

Royal Field Artillery

Age: 37 Date of Death: 30/08/1916

Husband of Louisa Caroline Hewitt, of II, Charles St., Kimblesworth, Co. Durham.

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Driver Stephen Hewitt (25 October 1878 – 30 August 1916)

Stephen Hewitt was born in Halvergate, Norfolk, to Christina Elizabeth Tower Harper and Isaac Christmas Hewitt. In 1899, aged 20, he married Louisa Caroline Catt.

By 1916, Hewitt had joined the Royal Field Artillery as a driver, trained in the management and use of horses. He served in the Salonika campaign as part of a multinational force in the Balkans fighting the Bulgarians and their allies. In the spring of that year, British and other troops advanced from the Greek port of the same name, despite facing the region’s harsh climate and being struck down by diseases such as malaria and dysentery.

Another hazard in the hills were these men fought were packs of wolves. Stephen was out riding when he was attacked by such beasts, dying from his wounds.